All students are required to be polite, obedient and respectful to all staff and the School authorities.

Any act, whether mentioned in these Rules or not , which goes against good manners and common sense will be treated as a breach of the School Rules.

Ignorance of these Rules or any others which may be notified from time to time will not be accepted as an excuse.



Lower & Middle Schools [Grades 1 – 8]

Dark Blue Shorts, White Shirt, School Tie, White Socks & Black Shoes.

Upper School             [Grades 9 – 11]

White Longs with two pleats, no loops and side pockets to be worn on the waist not the hips, White Shirt, College Tie, White Socks & Black leather Shoes.

Please Note: Canvas shoes, trainer or deck shoes, slippers & Sandals are not allowed to be worn for School.


Suitable coloured Longs or Jeans, T Shirt or Shirt (TUCKED IN), Sandals or Shoes. Rubber or Leather Slippers are not allowed for Prep.

SUNDAY CHAPEL                                    

Seniors – Full School Uniform           

Juniors – Full School Uniform (but with White Shorts)


House Jerseys, Track Suits, Sports Shorts & Shoes


During cold and wet weather additional clothing such as jerseys, cardigans, raincoats etc. may be worn, preferably in the College colours. Caps and woollen hats may also be worn but ONLY OUTDOORS. All articles of clothing must be clearly marked with the owner's initials. School Uniforms must be clean and tidy at all times and shoes polished. The lending and borrowing of clothes is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.



Attendance is compulsory and students must be punctual in their attendance.

Students will stand up when a master or visitor enters the classroom.

Students will not normally be excused from classes to fetch books or note books from dormitories or elsewhere.

Students will remain quiet and attentive throughout a class lesson.

Classrooms will be swept and tidied up according to a duty roster prepared by the Class Monitor.

Writing on black boards or white boards by the students is not allowed unless instructed by the Class Monitor or Teacher.

·The Class Monitor will be responsible for seeing that the boys remain quiet and remain in their seats between periods or in the absence of a teacher until the Relief Teacher arrives. The Monitor may have to go to the Staff Room to see who has been put down for Relief. The entire class will be held responsible for any damage to the furniture or any electrical fittings and will be fined if found guilty.


All students must attend the following Roll Calls unless they are excused. The normal Roll Calls are:

            Morning Registration    :           8.00 a. m.        By the Class Teacher / Form Master

            Afternoon Registration:            1.00 p. m.        By the Class Teacher / Form Master

            Games Practices:                     3.45 p. m.        Masters-in-Charge / Games Captains

            Evening Preparation:                6.05 p. m.        Duty Master / Duty Prefect

            Night Prayers:                          8.00 p. m.        Chaplain / Senior Sacristan

            Lock Up Roll Call:                   8.30 p. m.        House Master / Dorm Master


Students should not walk on the lawn of the Junior Boarding House Quadrangle or any of the lawns maintained by the School Landscaping Club. Students should not remove plants or pluck flowers from the gardens maintained by the School Landscaping Club. Students should not pluck fruits or remove vegetables from plots maintained by the College Farm or the School Agriculture Society.

All rubbish and litter should be thrown into the waste bins provided at various points on the campus.

Students must use only the latrines for urinating. Causing will full damage to water taps, showers, and toilets is strictly forbidden.

Playing games e.g. Cricket around buildings or against the walls of buildings is strictly forbidden. Writing on walls of buildings, pillars and beams with chalk or crayons is strictly forbidden and punishable by fines and detention.

Water taps must be closed after use as wastage of water is forbidden.


All Boarders must make their own beds in the morning before school and keep their dorm tidy and ready for inspection by the Headmaster or House Masters at all times.

Boarders are not permitted to have or to use electrical equipment such as water heaters, mobile phones, MP4 players and other similar equipment without the permission of the Dorm Master.

Electric Irons may be used with the permission of the Dorm Masters.

Battery operated Radios and other similar equipment must not be used in the Dormitories during Room Time or after Lights Out. At other times they should be used softly at low volume so as not to disturb those others.

Room Time on Saturdays, Sundays & other Holidays is intended to be quiet time when Boarders may read or write letters or work or rest. They should remain inside their dormitories and may move about within and talk to each other but there should be no noise. Clothes washing and bathing should not be done during Room Time.

No purchases of any kind may be made from hawkers or street vendors. Boarders should also refrain from purchasing anything from members of staff and support staff.

Boarders are not allowed outside the School Campus without the permission of the Dorm Masters or House Masters, except when they are wanted on the College Playing Field when they will be accompanied by the respective Masters in Charge, House Masters or Prefects.

The following places are out of bounds to all students of the School:

All shops and boutiques around the School, the residential Staff Quarters, the Support Staff Quarters, the     College Farm premises unless as part of the Farm Club or Agriculture Club, the Kitchen and Pantry areas, the Library,        College Shop, and Canteen except at times when they are permitted in, the Swimming Pool except during periods        set apart for swimming practices when the Coach or the Master on duty is present to supervise.

The classrooms are out of bounds at all times except during normal school hours and Prep. The senior dormitories are out of bounds at all times to juniors. The junior and intermediate dormitories are out of bounds to all seniors. The Head Prefect and School Prefects only may visit the dormitories as part of their duties.

Students are allowed to go out to places like the Post Office, Boralanda or Welimada etc., only if they are accompanied by an adult.

Students leaving the campus for school matches, scout camps, class trips, etc. must inform their House or Dorm Masters before they leave. They should report to their House or Dorm Masters as soon as they return.

A Hostel may be entered only by members of that House or Staff. Members of other Houses/Dorms, parents, visitors or strangers may enter a House Dorm only with the express permission of the House Master. Visitors other than parents or guardians will be permitted to visit and take out students only with the written permission of the parents or guardians concerned.

Preparation or PREP is compulsory for all members of the Boarding House, including the School Prefects. Every student should be in his/her place for Prep within 5 minutes of the Bell.

Bullying of any nature, especially the ragging or harassment of new students is strictly forbidden and anyone found guilty will be punished most severely.


Students will not be permitted to go home every weekend except on special occasions for which the parents or guardians must seek permission in writing well in advance of the leave. Students will not be permitted to go home alone on any occasion without the written consent of the parents or guardians. Boarders who go on leave must return by 6.00 p. m. on the Sunday after.

Students are not permitted to attend tuition classes outside the School under any circumstances.

If a student is absent from the School for more than two days due to illness, a medical certificate from a certified medical practitioner must be produced on return to School. If a student requires to be absent from School for any reason other than illness, permission for such absence should be sought and obtained well in advance and in writing. Medical appointments and family functions should, as far as possible, be arranged outside school hours.

Leave of absence taken during term time will not be given for long periods and in any case will not be allowed for more than one month except in the case of illness. Any student who overstays his leave or, is absent from School without adequate explanation, is liable to have his name taken off the Roll.

Any student who is absent from School will not be permitted to represent the School or his House in any activity, except with the prior permission of the Headmaster. This rule applies to practices after School as well.

No student will be allowed to leave the School premises during School hours unless permission has been sought and obtained in writing from the Headmaster. Where such leave is not on behalf of some school activity, permission should be requested in person by the parents / guardians.

All leave for travel abroad during term time must be obtained from the Headmaster in writing at least two weeks prior to the date of departure.


No student while in College will be permitted to represent outside Organizations or Associations in any activity without the explicit written permission of the Headmaster. Students are not permitted to appear in any advertisements, programmes, photographs or films in the media without prior written approval from the Headmaster. Photographs should also not appear in any electronic data form or on the Internet.

Students will not be permitted to attend school with very short or very long hair. Haircuts must be taken in a decent manner acceptable by the standards of the School. Students should always be clean shaven.

Students may not wear chains or medallions to School except for religious purposes, for which the approval of the Headmaster is required. When such things are worn they should preferably be made of inexpensive metal and unseen. All forms of body piercing or tattoos or other markings are strictly forbidden.  Friendship bands and wrist bands are forbidden to be worn to School and only a maximum of three strands of thread may be worn for religious purposes.

The following items are forbidden to be brought to School and will be confiscated if detected:

Mobile Phones, Electronic Games, Videos, VCDs, DVDs & MP4 Players, all forms of Pornographic  Material, Data Travellers / Pen Drives (if a student requires them for educational purposes, prior approval should be obtained from the teacher and shown when asked.)


All parents & guardians are requested to not contact teachers directly concerning their children's progress by phone or by meeting them privately. Parents who wish to meet teachers officially should do so on Parents' Day or any convenient school day after prior appointment and obtaining the Headmaster's permission.

With regard to hostel related matters parents & guardians should meet the respective House Master / Prefect of Discipline or Senior Boarding House Master.


All Christian students of every denomination must attend worship in the Chapel every morning during the week, as well as the Sunday morning Eucharist. Christian Boarders must also attend Night Prayers every night.

Students of the other religious communities must attend daily morning meditation every working day compulsorily. It is compulsory for all Muslim students to attend Friday Prayers at the Mosque accompanied by the Master in Charge of the Islamic Society and in uniform.


Students will sit according to their Houses for all meals. Students should be in their places for meals within five minutes of the meal bell. All students are expected to be quiet and orderly at meal times.

All meals must be taken in the Dining Hall and no food may be removed from the Hall without the permission of the Duty Master. All Boarders must join their correct queue (vegetarian / non vegetarian).

Boarders must not argue with the Kitchen or Pantry Staff or Kitchen Warden on matters related to food, but must make any and all complaints to the Duty Master or the Duty Prefect.

Food must never be thrown around, left on the table or on the floor.

Every Boarder must have his / her own cutlery. Use of cutlery is compulsory at lunch.


Every Boarder is expected to take part in at least one sport, indoor game or outdoor activity from 3.30 p. m. to 5.20 p. m. every day of the week except Sundays and Poya Days when there will be no organised activities.

This is compulsory for all Boarders unless they have been excused by a Doctor or their House Master and all dormitories will be locked between 3.30 p. m. and 5.20 p. m. No student may remain idle during this period.

Students who are not fit for physical sports will have to find a game that will suit their condition.

Membership of Clubs and Societies is also an integral part of the education here and every student is expected to participate in at least one such activity.

Students who collect sports equipment are responsible for the safe return of same.

No student may participate in any sports or society activity outside the School without the written consent of the Headmaster.


Students travelling to and from School by any method of transport, private or public,are expected to maintain the highest standards of behaviour, and not to cause any annoyance to members of the public.

Any student whose work or conduct is found to be unsatisfactory or by his or her actions in or outside the School, during term or vacation, brings the School into disrepute, may be expelled from the School at the sole discretion of the Headmaster.

Corporal Punishment of all forms is forbidden by the law and by the Board of Governors of the School. However, students may be placed 'On Report' or given 'Detention' or 'Suspended' from School for bad conduct, bad work or bad attendance. The purpose of such disciplinary action is to try to correct the child.

No student on roll at this School may sit for any public examination or register as a student in any other institution without the Headmaster's permission.


Parents who wish to interview the School authorities regarding matters connected to their children should     meet the following persons as per the need:

Pastoral Care & Counselling                The Chaplain

Academic Matters                              The Sectional Head of the child's section

Discipline                                           The Prefect of Discipline

Sports                                                 The Prefect of Games

Boarding House                                  The child's House Master or Dorm Master

Overall                                                The Headmaster

Parents are requested not to meet staff other than those who deal with the areas concerned to avoid confusion.

All correspondence with the Headmaster regarding any student in School should state the name with initials, form and admission number of the child concerned and should be signed by the parent or guardian.

·Parents/Guardians are advised that teachers are not permitted to give private tuition to any student on roll without the prior written approval of the Headmaster.


Please Note: Promotions to higher grades will not be automatic. Students are expected to reach the required standards set by the examining board in order to be promoted.

It is compulsory for all students to sit for the term examinations. Leave during examinations will be granted only in exceptional circumstances.

All students are issued Termly Report Cards following the Term Exams. Parents/Guardians should ensure that they collect reports on the days assigned and ensure that the Reports are duly signed and returned to the Headmaster during the first week of the following term.

In order to be eligible to apply for public examinations as candidates through this School, students will be required to meet the standards set out by the examining board.


Please Note:  A Calendar month's notice should be given of a student's intention to leave the School. If such notice is not given, one month's fees will be payable in lieu of notice.

Before the School Leaving Certificate can be issued, a special 'AC' form needs to be filled up by the student and counter signed by the Bursar and by the Masters/Teachers in Charge of the various activities that the student has taken part in while in School.

No School-leaving certificate will be issued unless these requirements are fulfilled and all outstanding school & boarding fees are paid in full.